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Investment Plans Invest is an innovative way you can access the opportunities of trading without any technical skills, and the minimum of time, by selective one of our plans we make sure your profits are coming your way in a secure and fast transaction with full control of your money.
115% After 10 Hours
Min-Max: $1.00
  • Plan Duration - 10 Hours
  • Withdraw instant - yes
122% After 12 Hours
Min-Max: $30.00
  • Duration - 12 Hours
  • Withdraw Instant - yes
140% After 18 Hours
Min-Max: $50.00
  • Duration - 18 Hours
  • Withdraw Instant - yes
180% After 24 Hours
Min-Max: $100.00
  • Duration - 24 Hours
  • Withdraw Instant - yes
VIP #1 220% After 24 hours
Min-Max: $490.00
  • Duration - 24 hours
  • principal return - no
VIP #2 1600% After 16 Days
Min-Max: $3000.00
  • Duration - 16 Days
  • principal return - no
VIP #3 3000% After 24 Days
Min-Max: $5000.00
  • Duration - 24 Days
  • principal return - no

Running days 265
Total account 3480
Total deposits $115566417110.22
Total withdrawals $70798.28

About company is a global leader in online crypto trading, has a rich history of innovation, putting clients at the heart of every decision, an award-winning trading crypto system, offering investment services and tools for both retail and institutional clients.

Through its policy of providing its clients with the best possible conditions for trading and allowing speculators and investors to use expert advisors unfettered access to their liquidity. has positioned itself as one of the best options for investors around the world. with acceptable levels of risk and consistent value creation in line with investment objectives.

Both our organizational and individual clients can choose from variety of diversified, structured investment plan that meet their investment needs across whole stages in life.

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GENERAL F LIMITED Officially registered company: #12842941 Company house link Look at map

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Why us?

Regulated and trusted regulated and trusted Many clients and organizations trust us, making us one of the most reliable crypto and stock market for investors available right now. Our company is register under UK company charts.
Experience for more than a decade we have been at the Centre of the crypto innovation, together with our partners growing at spectacular rates.
Automated earning process Our award-winning platform make it easy for entry and experience traders to start earning money securely.
Investment is 100 % Guarantee Along the years we have work tirelessly to guarantee or partners their investment in case the company stops working just funds and investments are 100 % cover giving you the ease of mind so you can Centre on trading
Knowledge of the market Our team has work hand to hand with partners and clients to give them all the information need to get awesome trading results.

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If you have an active deposit, a multi-level affiliate program awaits you. Promote us everywhere and get 3 level commissions for your efforts
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Processing time may vary depending on the payment option. Crypto withdrawals via most electronic payment systems are typically processed by our back-office staff during 2 business days. Remember to share you link to create a new network of traders.